Nest to Google Account migration begins on web, Android, and iOS

Announced at I/O 2019 amid a slew of other privacy commitments, Google Nest is starting the Nest to Google Account migration. An update to the Nest for Android and iOS clients today let you transition, with security and seamless integrations touted as advantages.

The move to Google’s log-in system has long been overdue in light of Nest accounts lacking advanced security protections. At the moment, two-factor authentication (2FA) is only available via SMS, while Google Accounts are better at detecting malicious log-in attempts.

Earlier this year, there were many reports of compromised passwords from other services being used to access Nest accounts that reused credentials. Smart devices were accessed and then used inappropriately by malicious parties.

After updating to version 5.38 of Nest for Android and iOS, or the Nest Home webpage, many users are seeing a “Migrate to a Google Account” option under the general Account page. Touted benefits include:

One secure account

Log in to the Nest or Home app with the same account you use with Google services like Gmail. Both apps will now show the same homes and members.

Seamless product integration

Nest and Google product integrations will be streamlined and work together to create seamless experiences. For example, if you have a Nest thermostat and a Google Home, just say, “Ok Google, turn up the thermostat.”

Your data

Check out Google’s Privacy Policy and Google’s commitment to privacy in the home to better understand how your data will be handled. Your data or account won’t migrate to Google until you review and accept the terms in the next screens.

Tapping “Continue with Google” opens the “Sign in with Google” page to choose the account you want to associate with Nest. Once completed, users are sent a “Thanks for migrating to a Google Account” confirmation email and asked to “Log back into the Nest or Home app on all your devices using your Google Account.”

This option is widely rolled out, though there are some unrelated issues involving Google Account sign-in that might prevent you from completing the process. The transition is optional, with users able to remain under the existing Nest privacy policies and terms. However, new smart devices in the future might only be available to Google Accounts.

More about Google Nest:

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Source: 9TO5Google

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