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Munro unveils pickup version of its MK 1 4×4 EV and sells out first two years of production

Scottish EV startup Munro Vehicles has just doubled its all-electric lineup with a new pickup version of its MK 1 4×4 that debuted last year. Combined with the original MK 1, Munro’s orders for the pickup have already filled the automaker’s order book into 2025.

Munro Vehicles was founded a mere four years in Glasgow, Scotland, by Russell Peterson and Ross Anderson. The company nomenclature comes from a Scottish mountain that exceeds 3,000 feet that inspired the cofounders during an off-road camping trip in the Highlands. Munro is particularly focused on delivering performance and capability to EV enthusiasts who are specifically interested in off-roading.

That’s where its MK 1 EV comes in. After over three years of development, Munro officially launched its flagship model last December ahead of scaled production in Scotland this year. When that happens, Munro will solidify its place as the first scaled production vehicle manufacturer in the country since 1981.

While the British startup gears up for a slow ramp up in production before expanding its footprint in its homeland, it has already shared plans for a second model – a pickup version of the Munro MK 1 which will come in different variants, including a bright yellow Performance edition. Have a look.

  • Munro pickup
  • Munro pickup
  • Munro pickup

Munro’s 4×4 pickup offers a new look at the MK 1

The new all-electric 4×4 pickup made its debut at Fully Charged Live North today, where it will be on display through the weekend.

As you can see from the images above, the MK 1 pickup is quite similar to the original 4×4 truck, but with a new rear bed that can accommodate a 1,050 kg (2,315 lb) Euro Pallet payload. The Performance model seen above will offer a 3,500 kg (7,716 lb) maximum braked towing capacity for heavier hauls with zero emissions. Here are some other specs:

  • Power: 375 HP (280 kw)
  • AC charge rates: Overnight (7 kW) and 3.5 hours (22 kW)
  • DC charge rate: 15-80% 36 minutes (100 kW)
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds (280 kW motor)
  • Peak torque: 700 Nm (up to 50 mph)

Like the flagship 4×4 that preceded it, Munro’s pickup version was designed to deliver 50 years of service (with routine maintenance and planned refurbishment). It also comes with the same five year, 100,000 mile warranty as the MK 1 truck.

During the unveiling, Munro Vehicles shared that it has already seen tremendous demand for the MK 1 Pickup and combined with its flagship model, over 200 orders are secured, meaning the startup’s production schedule is booked for the next two years. CEO and co-founder Russell Peterson elaborated:

We launched Munro to fill the significant gap in the market for an electric-powered, four-wheel-drive, utilitarian workhorse. Our vehicles are designed and engineered without compromise from clean sheet principles unimpeded by any existing architecture. The result is a rugged construction created for decades of service delivering ultimate, go-anywhere, off-road ability.

The levels of positive feedback we have experienced from media and customers who have test driven the MK 1 Truck has been unprecedented and the response to the new MK 1 Pickup has been equally positive. This, and the 200 plus pre-orders we have taken across both the truck and Pickup models, gives us great confidence that the vehicles Munro has created are precisely what the market wants and needs and that we can play a key role in assisting those operating in challenging environments such as mining, construction, utilities, agriculture, and defense to meet imminent decarbonization targets.

The Munro MK 1 pickup starts at an MSRP of £49,995 Excl. VAT (~$62,000) and is expected to begin deliveries later this year following a targeted output of 50 EVs. Next, the startup looks to build pre-production prototypes while it works to move to a larger facility in central Scotland next year, where it will create 300 new jobs and scale to 250 EVs annually.

Eventually, Munro expects the new site to produce as many as 2,500 electric vehicles per year. You can check out the original launch event of the MK 1 4×4 Truck below:

Author: Scooter Doll
Source: Electrek

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