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Munro introduces rugged ‘Mountain Rescue Edition’ of its all-electric MK 1 4×4 truck

Scottish EV startup Munro Vehicles has added a third variant of its all-electric MK 1 4×4 that initially debuted last year. Today, the company introduced the MK 1 Mountain Rescue Edition – an EV tailored to the requirements of emergency rescue and fire teams that provides 4×4 capabilities with zero emissions.

Munro Vehicles was founded in Glasgow, Scotland and is not even five years old yet. That being said, the young British automaker continues to hit milestones toward its goal of delivering performance and capability to electric vehicle enthusiasts who are specifically interested in 4×4 off-roading.

That initial dream came to fruition with Munro’s flagship 4×4 – the MK 1 EV. After over three years of development, Munro officially launched the MK 1 in December 2022, preceding production this year. In doing so, Munro became the first vehicle manufacturer to reach scaled production in Scotland since 1981.

The startup is currently gearing up for a slow ramp up in electric 4×4 production before expanding its footprint in its homeland but has already introduced a pickup version of the MK 1 to soon follow. Today, Munro has introduced a third 4×4 variant designed specifically for off-road emergency situations. Check out the MK 1 Mountain Rescue Edition.

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Munro debuts electric 4×4 optimized for emergencies

Earlier today, Munro shared details of the new Mountain Rescue Edition MK 1 alongside the images seen above. The latest version of the all-electric 4×4 truck debuted during the Emergency Services Show and was designed with consultation from both mountain rescue and fire services in Scotland, England, and Wales.

The result is an all-terrain EV custom fitted roof mounted blue lights and a customizes truck bed that can accommodate a fill-size stretcher alongside three additional passengers and their emergency kit gear. Munro co-founder and CEO Russell Peterson spoke to the latest MK 1 variant:

We are thrilled to be able to showcase the Mountain Rescue edition of our MK 1 electric truck. We have consulted with multiple Mountain Rescue Teams to best understand their unique demands for an all-terrain stretcher bearing vehicle capable of crossing the toughest of terrain. The fact the MK 1 is such an adaptable platform is testament to the purity of the design, uncluttered by peripheries. Our no-nonsense vehicles are suited to the toughest of jobs in the harshest of terrains. We must express our thanks to outdoor equipment distributors, Lyon, who provided the kit bags and stretcher for the launch. We look forward to building our working relationship with them.

The rest of the specs match those of the original MK 1 and/or its Performance Edition that was introduced alongside news of the pickup version. Like its electric 4×4 siblings, the Mountain Rescue MK 1 has been engineered to last for 50 years of service with routine maintenance and planned refurbishment – a performance perk Munro advertises with all its EVs.

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Source: Electrek

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