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Meyers Manx reimagines its dune buggy as an all-electric neighborhood EV for any terrain

Veteran dune buggy manufacturer Meyers Manx has debuted a new all-electric spin on the vehicle that put its name on the map. During Monterey Car Week, the company introduced the Resorter – a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) designed for fun local trips with the entire family.

Meyers Manx has a history in unique compact vehicles dating back to the 1960s when company founder Bruce Meyers started building custom fiberglass dune buggies atop a shortened VW Beetle frame. For approximately six years, the company built car kits for around 6,000 vehicles before discontinuing in 1971.

Nearly 30 years later, the company’s founder revived the brand as Meyers Manx, Inc., created new models and dune buggy kits for modern VW Beetles. Meyers has since passed away, but his name lives on through Meyers Manx, LLC., the current iteration of the dune buggy manufacturer that has since gone all electric.

We’ve previously shared details of the Meyers Manx 2.0 – an all-electric version of the dune buggy that started it all. As that model approaches scaled production in 2024, Meyers Manx has introduced a second all-electric model built for more leisurely drives, although it can still handle terrain.

Introducing the Resorter.

  • Meyers Manx electric

Meyers Manx introduces new electric vehicle in Monterey

The dune buggy specialist unveiled the all-electric Resorter at The Quail in Pebble Beach today, showcasing a four-seater NEV equipped with two motors (although its top speed is digitally limited to 25 mph to fit classifications as a neighborhood electric vehicle). Company chair Phillip Sarofim spoke:

With the Resorter NEV, we are elevating the segment by introducing an unparalleled, well-engineered vehicle with the timeless Meyers Manx aesthetic.

Meyers Manx says the new Resorter shares several components with the aforementioned 2.0 electric dune buggy, and although it will deliver less speed, its makers are still promising class-leading torque, range, and acceleration – plus the ability to explore large ranges and the beach-side towns it was specifically designed for. Meyers Manx CEO Freeman Thomas also spoke:

The launch signifies a pivotal chapter in our company’s journey. Our blend of premium design, craftsmanship, and a commitment to fostering exploration of one’s surroundings sets Meyers Manx apart from the competition.

Features include advanced LED lighting, a smart dashboard, and easter eggs paying homage to the company’s history. The Resorter will also come with a detachable roof, zip-down window doors, a foldable windshield, and all-terrain wheels.

No timeline on production yet, but you can reserve your spot in the production queue today for $500 down. The Resorter starts at a base price of $49,000.

Author: Scooter Doll
Source: Electrek

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