Meyer Optik Görlitz adds native Canon RF, Nikon Z options for all of its lenses

Meyer Optik Görlitz has announced all of its fully-manual (no contacts for AF/EXIF) lenses manufactured under its new ownership are now available with native Canon RF and Nikon Z lens mount options and available to purchase starting today.

While Meyer Optik Görlitz’s Trioplan 100mm F2.8 II (€999 / $1015) and Trioplan 35mm F2.8 II (€899 / $915) lenses were released with native Canon RF and Nikon Z mount options, its prior four lenses weren’t. It appears sales have done well enough, However, that Meyer Optik Görlitz is going back and offering Canon RF and Nikon Z mount options for its Primoplan 58 F1.9 II, Primoplan 75 F1.9 II, Lydith 30 F3.5 II and Trioplan 50 F2.8 II lenses.

Meyer Optik Görlitz‘s current lineup of lenses. All of these are now available with native Canon RF and Nikon Z mount options.

Despite the demand being there for RF and Z mount options for these four lenses, adding new native mount options proved to be a challenge in the current economic climate. Timo Heinze, Managing Director Meyer Optik / OPC Optics, says the process ‘took quite a bit longer than usual due to the extremely volatile economic situation (capacity bottlenecks, lack of resources, extreme price & availability fluctuations for raw materials, etc.).’

All of that appears to have been sorted out now, however, as the Primoplan 58 F1.9 II (€899 / $915), Primoplan 75 F1.9 II (€999 / $1015), Lydith 30 F3.5 II (€899 / $915) and Trioplan 50 F2.8 II (€899 / $915) lenses are listed for sale on Meyer Optik Görlitz’s website.

Meyer Optik Görlitz says it’s also in ‘the final production steps’ for its Biotar 58mm F1.5 II lens, which is expected to ship in September. The company says it simultaneously started production for its Biotar 75mm F1.5 II lens, but has faced ‘considerable delays’ meaning it won’t be shipping at the same time as the 58mm F1.5 II lens. Other lenses are also in the planning and development stages.

Gannon Burgett
Source: Dpreview

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