LG Velvet will get Android 13 early next year, as the company slowly winds down support

LG shut down its mobile business in 2021, but not before committing to ongoing support for its existing devices. In early 2023, we’ll see further fruit from that effort, as the LG Velvet is set to get Android 13, and some other devices will also get further updates.

Launched first in mid-2020, the LG Velvet was one of the company’s last attempts to stay relevant in the Android market. The device introduced a new design and revamped software, which were well received. We said it was LG’s best smartphone in years, mainly due to its solid pricing.

The LG Velvet is quite possibly the best phone LG has put out in years. That’s not just because it has a nice design. That’s not because it does any one thing particularly well. It’s because for once, LG nailed the pricing. Velvet costs just $599.

Sadly, though, it wasn’t enough to keep the ship afloat.

But for those who did buy into the LG Velvet, an Android 13 update is around the corner! A roadmap posted to LG’s website recently confirms what Android updates are in store for Q1 2023. This includes the release of Android 13 for the Velvet, as well as security patches for the LG Wing, LG Q61, LG Q92 5G, and LG Q52 5G.

But, realistically, this is one of the last major update announcements LG will be making. The LG Velvet was the company’s last flagship release before shuttering its mobile division. The only other device that might still get an Android 13 update would be the LG Wing, which launched a few months later. But if that update is to come, it won’t be in Q1.

And in both cases, Android 13 is probably the last major version of the platform that LG will launch.

It’s unclear for how long LG will continue security patches at this point, but the company did make a “three-year pledge” in 2021 that promised three major OS updates for flagships launched in 2019 in later. If all goes according to plan, that means the LG V60 ThinQ will also be updated. There was no word in that promise, though, regarding security patches.

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Author: Ben Schoon
Source: 9TO5Google

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