Lenovo made an Avengers game for its Mirage AR headset

Lenovo’s first AR headset had a strange limitation. It would only play games, and at launch there was just one of them: Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. Sure, that's a massive franchise, but it was hard to believe the company expected people to spend $200 on an AR kit just to play a single game. As it turns out, the Star Wars title will no longer be the Mirage AR's solo offering. Continuing its partnership with Disney, Lenovo is releasing a new Marvel: Avengers game called Dimension of Heroes, along with some new controllers.

Instead of a single lightsaber hilt-like stick like before, the Marvel Dimension of Heroes kit comes with a pair of what Lenovo calls Universe Controllers. These have LEDs at the top end that flash in different colors while you play, and have a semi-circular handle with little joysticks on top. You'll have to put AA batteries in each, which should provide up to eight hours of gameplay. The core technology inside the controllers are the same as before -- the sticks are still tracked by two cameras on the headset. The notable advancement this time is that two controllers can now be tracked in real-time.

Aside from the new controllers, nothing about the original headset's hardware has changed. That means those with the older set can just buy the new accessories and keep the same headset and beacon to play the Marvel game.

Author: Cherlynn Low
Source: Engadget

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