Knotwords for iOS and Mac is a clever new logic puzzle similar to crosswords but without the clues

Good Sodoku developers Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger are back again today with the launch of a creative new game for iOS, Mac, Android, and PC. Knotwords is a minimal and elegant logic puzzle that offers a familiar yet novel experience.

The rules for Knotwords are straightforward, like a standard crossword puzzle, you need to place letters in each section so all the words are valid across and down.

However, instead of giving you clues to the full words that will be used in each puzzle, Knotwords places letters in various sections but they aren’t necessarily in the order they’ll be used.

By stripping away the clues Knotwords creates a more dynamic game that rewards puzzling out words based on the fundamental properties of spelling vs. primarily solving a trivia question.

While that might sound tricky at first, Knotwords is designed so that it becomes easier to solve the puzzle as you make progress. And there’s only one solution for each puzzle.

When describing Knotwords, Zach Gage says: “This is the kind of game I’ve been trying to make my whole career — I’m amazed Jack and I discovered this design. We hope you like it.”

Knotwords has no ads and is a free download for iOS and Mac, Android, and Steam with in-app purchases available to unlock additional puzzles, daily puzzles, themes, statistics, and more.

Check out the gameplay in the short video below:

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Author: Michael Potuck
Source: 9TO5Google

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