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Juiced unveils new folding e-bike that may be the fastest and most powerful ever

Juiced Bikes Unveils the Powerful Juiced JetCurrent Pro E-Bike

Juiced Bikes has never shied away from offering riders more speed and power. And with today’s unveiling of its new Juiced JetCurrent Pro, the brand is offering up more speed and power than ever in a brand new e-bike form factor.

The new Juiced JetCurrent Pro has been a decade and a half in the making, according to the company’s founder and CEO Tora Harris.

You young whippersnappers might not remember it, but Juiced Bikes was actually one of the first US e-bike companies in the game. When I first got into e-bikes back in 2010 or so, Juiced was already rolling around as a leading brand. And a folding e-bike like this has apparently been on Tora’s mind since he started the company.

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“As a pioneer in the field of electric bikes, our journey began over 15 years ago, with the first e-bike that I converted in a garage, which was a folding bike,” explained Tora. “The folding e-bike category is dominated by toy-like products, so we saw an opportunity to redefine what was possible.”

There’s nothing toy-like about the new Juiced JetCurrent Pro. From its 1,200W continuous-rated and 2,000W peak-rated electric motor to its combined 1,000 Hz torque sensor and 100 pole cadence sensor, this e-bike means business.

Sure, it can be limited to class 1, 2, and 3 levels of speed and power operation, but it’s also capable of more. Much more.

When fully unlocked into Track Mode via the LCD display (designated for off-road use only), the bike can hit 30 mph on throttle-only and 34 mph on pedal assist.

And to feed the power necessary at those high speeds, the bike comes with one of the largest batteries in the industry. A 52V and 19.2 Wh UL-compliant battery pack offers a whopping 1,000 watt-hours of capacity. That’s enough for over 70 miles of range at lower speeds and power levels, and still capable of providing effective performance at higher power levels.

Juiced’s battery also features the company’s signature hidden Airtag compartment so that owners can use Apple FindMy to locate the bike or battery if they are ever stolen (or the owner simply forgets where he or she parked).

It’s all part of the plan to create “transportation-grade EV status” in a vehicle that just happens to be an electric bike. As Tora continued, “This product represents everything we have learned over the past 15 years, this new endeavor is a testament to our dedication and unwavering pursuit of advancement. So if we were going to enter this category, why not make it the best e-bike we have ever produced.”

To ensure a robust design, the bike is rated for a “wobble-free” 300 lb of payload and features rugged components such as M14 locking dropouts.

In fact, Juiced had to design a new fork to fulfill their needs and meet the strength requirements. As the company explained:

“The JetCurrent Pro’s performance envelope far exceeds the specifications created for traditional bicycles and e-bicycles. The front suspension fork that we demanded did not exist, so we needed to custom develop a fork with a whole new set of requirements unseen in the e-bike industry.

The fork features robust locking dropouts that are 3x thicker than typical e-bike forks. A solid M14 front axle ensures the front hub stays in place under hard braking to exploit the full potential of the 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes. The fork bridge has been made significantly thicker and with 3 mounting points for attaching the headlight, turn signals and front fender mount.”

The Juiced JetCurrent Pro’s stoppers are 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes clamping down on 203 mm rotors – the largest in the industry for bikes like these.

Added features like a motion-activated alarm, folding mirror, turn signals, and a 1,000+ lumen headlight with a built-in 100dB horn all help to provide motorbike-like features in an electric bicycle form factor.

Riders will also enjoy the bike’s included standard equipment, such as front and rear fenders, a rack system with built-in quick release, and USB device charging.

The bike is set to roll out in four colors, including Black, Indigo Blue, Desert Tan and a new color for Juiced – Purple Haze. Production is now underway, and pre-orders are already open for the $2,799 e-bike, with deliveries to customers slated to start in early June.

Electrek’s Take

This is definitely a moped in folding bike form. Compared to basically any other folding e-bike on the market, this thing is a rocket. And the fact that it doesn’t look like an aggressive, high power moped makes it that much more of a sleeper bike, unassuming yet hiding away some serious power, torque, and range.

There are some real advantages to this design. The 2,000W of peak power, 105 Nm of torque, and the fast top speed are all great features, but even smaller details like being able to remove the battery without folding the bike are great added advantages.

The torque sensor is huge, as that makes the biggest difference in actual pedability.

With a big battery, bigger motor, folding frame, front suspension, and all the other bells and whistles like the alarm, hydraulic brakes, horn, and massive headlight, this is a seriously impressive ride.

The bike may be porky at 92.6 pounds, but this isn’t a model that is likely to be folded very often. The capability is great, and those who use it will enjoy it. But most people simply don’t ever fold their folding e-bikes or lift them into a car trunk, so for those that leave their e-bikes on the ground, the weight won’t be as burdensome as it sounds.

All of this is to say, I’m excited for this launch!

juiced jetcurrent pro

Author: Micah Toll
Source: Electrek

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