iPhone 14 dimensions: Will your iPhone 13 cases still fit?

If you’re planning to pre-order an iPhone 14 tomorrow morning, you might be wondering if your existing iPhone 13 case will fit the iPhone 14. Unfortunately, Apple has made enough changes to this year’s iPhone 14 models that you’ll need to buy new cases alongside your new iPhone this year. Here are the details.

Will iPhone 13 cases fit the iPhone 14?

As you can see in the table below, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are very, very close in terms of their overall dimensions. The biggest difference is that the iPhone 14 is 0.01-inches thicker than the iPhone 13. Realistically, this is not a big enough difference to impact case compatibility most of the time.

There’s another very minor change, though: Apple has ever-so-slightly shifted the location and size of the power button and volume buttons this year. More so than the changes in dimensions, this will be what breaks the compatibility between iPhone 13 cases and the iPhone.

For these reasons, the safest bet is to go ahead and splurge on a new case that’s designed exactly for the iPhone 14. Here are some of the most popular iPhone 14 cases we’re seeing so far:

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case
  • TORRAS Magnetic Case for iPhone 14
  • Caseology Silicone Case
  • Spigen Thin Fit
iPhone model Height Width Thickness Weight
iPhone 13 5.78-inches (146.7mm) 2.82-inches (71.5mm) 0.30 inches (7.65-mm) 6.14-ounces (174 grams)
iPhone 14 5.78-inches (146.7mm) 2.82-inches (71.5mm) 0.31-inches (7.80-mm) 6.07-ounces
(172 grams)

Will iPhone 13 Pro cases fit the iPhone 14 Pro?

Unfortunately, the situation only gets worse if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 13 Pro to an iPhone 14 Pro. There aren’t huge changes to the dimensions, but they are bigger changes than the non-Pro models.

As you can see, Apple has increased the height, decreased the width, and increased the thickness of the iPhone 14 Pro in comparison to the iPhone 13 Pro. All of these differences add up to mean that your iPhone 13 Pro cases definitely won’t fit your iPhone 14 Pro. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera bump is even larger and wider than before.

Apple has also shifted the iPhone 14 Pro’s power button ad volume buttons, for yet another reason your cases won’t work.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid
  • Spigen Thin Fit 
  • Spigen Liquid Air Armor
  • TORRAS Diamond Clear
iPhone model Height Width Thickness Weight
iPhone 13 Pro 5.78-inches (146.7mm) 2.82-inches (71.5mm) 0.30 inches (7.65-mm) 7.19-ounces (204 grams)
iPhone 14 Pro 5.81-inches (147.5mm) 2.81-inches (71.5mm) 0.31-inches (7.85-mm) 7.27-ounces
(206 grams)

Will iPhone 13 Pro Max cases fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max situation is pretty similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. While the height of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the same, the new model is both narrower and thicker than its predecessor. The camera bump is also larger and the volume buttons and power button have been slightly relocated.

For all of these reasons, you’ll need a new case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max if you plan on upgrading this year.

  • Caseology Skyfall Clear Case 
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid
  • Spigen Mag Armor 
  • ESR Krystec Clear Case
iPhone model Height Width Thickness Weight
iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.33-inches (160.8mm) 3.07-inches (78.1mm) 0.30 inches (7.65-mm) 8.46-ounces (240 grams)
iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.33-inches (160.7mm) 3.05-inches (77.6mm) 0.31-inches (7.85-mm) 8.47-ounces
(240 grams)

iPhone 14 Plus cases

Last but not least, there’s the iPhone 14 Plus. Given that this is an all-new model in Apple’s lineup, you’ll definitely need a new case for this one. While you could technically use an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, the fit would be far from precise due to significant differences in thickness as well as the size of the camera bump.

  • Mkeke Clear Case
  • okzilla Silicone Case
  • TORRAS Slim Protective

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Author: Chance Miller
Source: 9TO5Google

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