iOS 15.6 fixes bug that automatically puts Apple Music in the Dock after reinstalling the app

Users last month discovered a bug in iOS 15 that caused Apple Music to be automatically added to the Dock after reinstalling the app – even if there were other apps already there. Now with iOS 15.6 beta 2, which was released this week to developers, that bug has finally been fixed.

As noted by YouTuber Aaron Zollo, iOS 15.6 no longer automatically places Apple Music in the Dock if for some reason the user reinstalls the app. With the update, the Music app icon appears on the last page of the home screen, just like any other regular app.

Once users discovered this bug, the internet was flooded with reports about how the Apple Music app “kicked” competing apps like Spotify out of the Dock. Some of them believed that Apple was doing some sort of anti-competitive practice to put Apple Music in the spotlight for iPhone and iPad users. However, this wasn’t the case.

9to5Mac analyzed iOS 15 code to confirm that indeed Apple Music was automatically added to the Dock due to a bug. In fact, there’s an internal iOS file with the default position of each app on the home screen, which is used to organize the apps after you restore your phone. Apple probably never tested what happened if a user deleted and reinstalled Music or any other app that comes in the Dock by default.

An Apple spokesperson later confirmed to 9to5Mac that the company was investigating the issue, and it has now been resolved with iOS 15.6.

It’s worth noting that iOS 15.6 is currently beta software, and it’s unclear when it will become available to the public.

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Author: Filipe Espósito
Source: 9TO5Google

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