iOS 14.3 beta changes and features — Apple ProRAW looks promising

iOS 14.3 beta brings lots of new changes and features to the table for both developers and public beta testers. iOS 14.3 gives us our first look at Apple ProRAW image capture for iPhone 12 Pro users, while also bringing forth new changes to Apple Music, Apple News+ Audio, and more. Watch our hands-on video as we explore the top iOS 14.3 beta changes and features.

  • Select Apple Music playlists now feature a full-bleed header along with animated artwork
  • The Music app now utilizes system-wide video player
  • New “Subscriber Edition” insignia in now located in upper right-hand corner of News app.
  • In iOS 14.3 it’s easier to read stories via handy links next to each audio story
  • Text is now smaller so as to not truncate titles
  • New Apple News+ Audio channel, broken down by subject, and you can subscribe

iOS 14.3 beta changes and features

  • Apple ProRAW switch in Settings → Camera → Formats
  • RAW toggle in Photos section of Camera app
  • New RAW tag in upper left-hand corner of Apple ProRAW photos in the Photos app
  • New RAW Media Type in Photos → Albums
  • Updated Watch Now, Library and Search buttons similar to Music app
  • Spacing updates between sections
  • Updated Open In button color
  • Updated button tint color throughout TV app
  • Updated Search similar to Music app
  • Set Wallpaper action in Shortcuts returns
  • Show PAL Formats switch in Settings → Camera → Record Video
  • Updated Software Update section in Home app, with granular Automatic Updates switch
  • Apple Fitness+ Analytics switch in Settings in Settings → Privacy → Analytics & Improvements
  • New Apple Arcade filters

iOS 14.3 is a noteworthy release for iPhone 12 Pro users, because it features the first implementation of the Apple ProRAW capture format that Apple spoke about in its iPhone 12 event. Although there’s room to grow, Apple ProRAW is a promising new feature for serious iPhone photographers.

Whereas capture formats like HEIF and JPEG are perfect for capturing great-looking images at small file sizes, Apple ProRAW is all about giving end-users the most amount of creative control. RAW capture lends more flexibility to adjust elements like color and white balance in post instead of baking in adjustments in a ready-to-share file that can’t accommodate as much customization in post. If you purchased an iPhone 12 Pro, this is one of the key features that set it apart from the baseline iPhone 12.

But besides Apple ProRAW, there are other noteworthy features to be found in the 14.3 beta. The Apple Music playlist updates with full-bleed headers add more visual flair, and the enhancements to Apple New+ Audio improve usability. What is your favorite new feature or change found in iOS 14.3? Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts.

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Author: Jeff Benjamin
Source: 9TO5Google

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