Industry Experts Foresee Massive Growth for Crypto Market, Predictions up to $100 Trillion

Crypto Market Forecast: $5 Trillion by 2024 and Beyond

Raoul Pal, a well-known financial sector figure, predicts a significant expansion of the crypto market, forecasting its market capitalization could reach $100 trillion due to global liquidity trends and technology adoption. His analysis is underpinned by observations of the global liquidity cycle, which has been influencing asset growth since 2008, along with the rapid adoption rate of cryptocurrencies, potentially mirroring the exponential growth trajectory of the internet. This bullish outlook is shared by other industry experts, including Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, who anticipates the crypto market reaching $5 trillion by the end of 2024, and Chris Burniske, who sees it attaining a $100 trillion market capitalization eventually, painting an overall promising future for digital currencies.

Source: Bitcoin

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