IKEA’s Sonos-powered speakers are available now

After a months-long wait, IKEA’s Sonos-powered SYMFONISK speakers are finally available. They’re sitting in the furniture giant’s stores as of today (August 1st) and should be available online “soon.” As before, what you choose depends both on the audio quality you expect and how you’ll use them to furnish your home. The $99 bookshelf speaker is both the most affordable option and can double as a shelf of its own if you buy the $20 wall bracket. The $179 table lamp, meanwhile, is both a handy light source and a more powerful speaker comparable to Sonos’ Play:1.

Neither has direct voice control. You’ll need another device with Alexa or Google Assistant support to command them without an app. They still support the other features you’d expect from Sonos devices, though, including a wide range of music services, stereo speaker pairs and TruePlay tuning.

There’s more to come in the future, as well. IKEA reiterated that you can expect a physical remote control and integration with its TRÅDFRI smart home app sometime in the fall. Don’t be surprised if SYMFONISK’s launch is just the start of a considerably larger audio ecosystem.

Author: Jon Fingas
Source: Engadget
Tags: audio, av, gear, home, ikea, smart speaker, sonos, speaker, speakers, symfonisk, wireless speaker

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