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If you’ve wanted an e-bike, now is basically the best time ever with all the current sales

November has always been a good time to snag a big discount on e-bikes in the US, as electric bike makers long ago gave up on shorter Black Friday sales in favor of simply giving out those huge discounts all month long. But this year is seeing especially massive price cuts due to extra pressure on the industry.

It’s no secret that e-bike companies have been hurting this year. After a couple of major boom years during the rise and fall of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone wanted to get outside on an e-bike, sales have largely slumped off this year.

The North American e-bike market is still growing, but not at the rate it had been. That has left manufacturers overstocked and trying to move more e-bikes off their high-stacked warehouse shelves.

That’s a headache for e-bike companies but great news for consumers since some of the most popular e-bikes are currently on sale for their best prices ever. In certain cases, several manufacturers have slashed prices across their entire lineup of bikes.

Take Rad Power Bikes, whose sitewide sale has knocked prices off every single e-bike. Some have modest discounts while others are massive. For instance, the RadTrike is , while the RadRover 6 Plus is . That’s lower than even the old RadRovers used to sell for pre-pandemic.

radrunner 3 plus

Lectric Ebikes isn’t to be outdone, as the company is also running some eye-popping sales. The brand’s best-selling electric bike known as the XP 3.0 (that also happens to be the best-selling electric bike in the entire US) is still at but now includes over $300 worth of extra add-ons.

The XP Lite, which is Lectric’s most affordable model, is now priced even lower at just $749. It also comes with nearly $200 in free add-on accessories for that price.

Similar impressive deals are also running on the Lectric XPedition, XP Trike, and XPeak, offering between $300-$600 off in price discounts and huge accessory packages.

Lectric XPedition e-bike

Juiced Bikes, a San Diego-based e-bike maker, has several models on sale with some of its best offerings taking up to $700 off a new e-bike.

Ride1Up, another San Diego-based electric bike company, has several sales offering up to $400 off many of the brand’s most popular models, such as the .

Two of the Ride1Up’s models, the Portola and the , are both priced at under $1,000.

Priority Bicycles, a New York-based e-bike company, has major sales on its electric and non-electric models, giving riders the option of pedaling hard or barely at all.

I’ve tried several Velotric e-bikes lately and have been very impressed with the models. They nearly all feature UL-listed batteries and have a great bang for your buck, especially when considering the extra built-in tech like Apple Find My functionality for tracking a missing or stolen e-bike. Velotric has several models with up to $600 off, as well as some under $1,000.

Aventon, another California-based e-bike brand, has some pretty great deals itself offering up to $600 off its electric bikes. I recently reviewed the brand’s Soltera.2 and found it to be an awesome commuter e-bike. The fact that it’s priced below $1,000 makes it even better!

Interestingly, it’s not just US companies getting into the mix. For our European readers, Ampler is offering Black Friday sales that take up to €1,000 off of the company’s popular stealthy e-bikes. We visited the factory in Estonia and saw just how they build these e-bikes to offer high-quality rides that don’t even look like they’re electrically powered.

Even European companies are getting into the Thanksgiving sale spirit!

It’s not just e-bikes, either. Electric scooter companies are also pushing extremely low pricing to boost sales going into the holiday season. Miami-based Fluidfreeride has sales on over a dozen different electric scooter models, some with over $1,000 off. Major names like Apollo Scooters models are nearly 40% off.

In fact, the Canadian company Apollo is offering its own mega sales too, with some models seeing up to $700 off and one already priced at under $900.

apollo pro electric scooter

These are just a few of the many companies offering extra steep discounts on their e-bikes and e-scooters this year. But the same trends are showing across the industry, revealing much bigger sales this year and an extra push to move inventory.

If your e-bike is going strong and you don’t really need a new one, then keep on riding what you’ve got. But if you’ve been sitting on the fence about getting a new e-bike or are considering picking up your first electric bike ever, this just may be the time to jump on it.

Author: Micah Toll
Source: Electrek

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