How to take iPhone 11 Pro wide-angle pictures for less

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro goes on pre-order tomorrow, are you getting one? If not, then this post is for you. My personal favorite feature of Apple’s latest smartphone is the ultra-wide-angle lens. However, if you’re like me and not pre-ordering the Apple’s latest-and-greatest tomorrow, here’s how to add the iPhone 11 Pro’s wide-angle look to your current smartphone for far less than Apple charges.

Adding a wide-angle (or any) lens to your iPhone, Samsung, or other smartphone is quite easy, really. There are quite a few companies out there that make these add-on lenses with prices ranging from super budget-friendly (around $5 when on sale) to a few hundred dollars. They all work about the same, however. You clip the lens to the back of your smartphone, or you put a case on your device and screw the lens in. Some are compatible with any phone, some are device-specific. But, these options add more than just a wide-angle lens to your arsenal, as there are telephoto, ultra-wide, and more options available.

How to get the iPhone 11 wide-angle look

Moment is probably my favorite way to add high-quality lenses to your iPhone. I’ve used the company’s products several times in the past and have always been pleasantly surprised by the quality they bring to the table. The entry price, however, is far from low. Moment requires a case to be used, which vary in price but are generally around $30 or so on Amazon. The wide-angle lens, however, will set you back $120. Add both costs together and you’re right at around $150 to get a wide-angle lens for your iPhone, but you’re not nearly as limited as Apple’s iPhone 11 will make you.

Moment also offers other lenses, like a Superfish, telephoto, and anamorphic just to name a few. You’ll also find more accessories like gimbal counterweights, Bluetooth remotes, ND filters, and other items all offered from Moment. There’s also a slew of cases available for Apple’s latest devices, the Google Pixel, Samsung, and more. Moment is by far the most compatible option here, though there is a high buy-in pricetag.

sandmarc polarized nd filter iphone

SANDMARC also offers a wide lens for the iPhone, but also brings quite a few other products to the table. SANDMARC makes lenses and filters for more than just iPhone, as the company also offers products for DJI and GoPro to keep all of your action gear going. On the lens side, SANDMARC’s wide-angle lens comes in at $100, which is $20 less than Moment. But, the savings don’t stop there. SANDMARC doesn’t require you to use a case, offering you a clip-on method of using their lenses if you’d rather not add extra bulk to your device. I absolutely love this as I hate using cases (outside of Apple’s Smart Battery Case). SANDMARC also just released a line of ND filters, and even makes accessories that give you more stability when shooting videos or photos with a smartphone.

You’ll also find anamorphic, telephoto, fisheye, and macro lenses from SANDMARC’s storefront as well. This makes SANDMARC another one-stop-shop for all your photography and videography needs, giving you many more options to choose from than the three lens choices Apple offers on the iPhone 11 Pro.

AUKEY, a 9to5 favorite, also offers wide-angle lenses for iPhone. Their products are far more affordable than SANDMARC or Moment, but the quality really does make a difference. AUKEY’s clip-on camera lens system is around $30 at Amazon, offering a bundled 2-in-1 design that gives you a wide-angle and macro lens in a single product. This lens system is universal, ready to function on just about any smartphone thanks to a clip-on design. You’ll not find many other accessories when it comes to expanding this system, however. No anamorphic options are there, and the glass quality is lower-quality all-around when compared to the other two models above. However, this is a fantastic way to save cash if you’re looking to get the iPhone 11 Pro wide-angle look for less.

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