How to handle a swollen battery on iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, more

Is the screen on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch popping out? Is the trackpad or another part of your MacBook case expanding? Follow along for how to handle an Apple device with a swollen battery.

As mentioned above, the most common signs of a swollen battery include your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch screen popping out. On a MacBook, you’ll usually notice the swollen battery pressing up on the trackpad and surrounding bottom casing.

A swollen battery can present a fire safety risk, so it’s important to take caution with any device that has an expanded battery. It’s also important to note that swollen batteries can’t be fixed or healed, just recycled and replaced.

How to handle an iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch with a swollen battery
  • Don’t press on the swollen battery (or screen or casing that’s popping up)
  • Stop charging the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or other device that has a swollen battery
  • Power down your device
  • Take it to your local Apple Store or nearest AASP (all Best Buy locations are AASPs) for replacement or proper recycling (appointments for the Genius Bar are a good idea if possible)

iFixit has a great explainer on what happens when a battery becomes swollen, and how to take better care of your devices’ batteries to help prevent swelling.

Source: 9TO5Mac

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