How to disable Bixby on the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby has been around since the debut of the Galaxy S8, and three years later it’s still a core part of every flagship from the company. With the Galaxy Note 10, Bixby has a new trigger and it’s also easier to disable than ever before. Here’s how to disable Bixby on the Galaxy Note 10.

The most intrusive place for Bixby on the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ is the “side key.” Samsung moved to a single button setup on the Galaxy Note 10, leaving just the side key and volume rocker on the left side of the phone. By default, the Galaxy Note 10 turns the screen on and off, but a long-press opens Bixby instead of the power menu.

Luckily, Samsung makes it easy to change that. If you head to  you’ll be able to swap a long-press from “Wake Bixby” to “Power off menu.” This same screen can also be used to customize what a double-press of the side key will do.

The next step in fully turning off Bixby on the Galaxy Note 10 is to disable its Routines feature. Of course, once access to Bixby has been cut-off, this feature won’t work anyway. Still, a quick visit to  will allow you to easily turn off Bixby Routines.

disable bixby routines

The final step to disabling Bixby on the Galaxy Note 10 is also one of the easiest. Bixby Home sits to the left of your homescreen with assorted information cards that largely consist of a few useful options such as Spotify and Weather, but mostly includes ads and content recommendations.

To turn off Bixby Home on your Note 10, long-press on any blank part of the homescreen. From there, swipe all the way to the left and a toggle for Bixby Home should be present. While you won’t be able to replace the feature with the Google Feed or anything else, it keeps Bixby out of the way if you don’t want it.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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