Here’s how Apple is promoting its new credit card to iPhone customers

After rolling out Apple Card to a select group of users two weeks ago, it officially launched to the public yesterday. Along with a new 3% cashback offer with Uber that landed yesterday, here’s how Apple is promoting its new credit card in the Wallet app, retail stores, and more.

Now that Apple Card has officially launched, iPhone users will see a new promotion for the product at the top of the Wallet app. Previously, users had to tap the + icon in the top right corner and then choose Apple Card. Now an App Store-style story sits at the top of the Wallet app to encourage users to apply for the credit card with the text “Start using Apple Card in minutes.”

There’s a button to apply immediately while tapping on the ad opens up the full story for Apple Card that highlights its features like super-fast signup, support via iMessage, Daily Cash, privacy and security focus, no fees, clean and simple UI for budgeting, titanium card, and more.

Apple promoting Apple Card in Wallet app

If you don’t see the promotion or have removed it from the Wallet app, you can tap the + sign in the top right corner, tap “Continue,” then select Apple Card to start an application.

Apple has also started promoting its new credit card in the Apple Store app as well as in its retail stores with signs that say “ Card is here. Get 3% Daily Cash from Apple with Apple Card.”

Apple Card gets a section in the Shop tab of the Apple Store app, even though it’s not a product you can put in your cart. I guess it makes sense because it’s a shopping tool — but I wonder if we’ll see other services advertised here later

— Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber) August 20, 2019

It’s already begun…@MichaelSteeber

— Peter Puleio (@puleiopeter) August 20, 2019

The company is putting out a significant effort to spread the word about the new product. Just this morning, Apple also created a Twitter account for Apple Card. A recent report from J.D. Power suggests that consumer awareness is “remarkably high” and that it expects Apple Card to be a hit. However, some analysts believe that Goldman Sachs may take losses on the partnership.

If you’re thinking about applying for Apple Card, take a look at our guide on checking your credit score for free.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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