Here’s Fitbit for Wear OS and a not-Material You redesign of the Android app [Gallery]

Fitbit will be a highlight of the Pixel Watch experience and we now have a closer look at the new Wear OS app. 

The Play Store listing for Fitbit was updated with new screenshots showing the Wear OS experience, as well as tweaks to the phone app. The bottom bar now just shows three tabs and has been reordered so that the “Today” tab is centered and flanked by “Discover” and “Community.” The previous (and current) order is: Today, Discover, Community, and Premium.

Meanwhile, the bottom bar is arc for some reason that peaks in the middle. This is decidedly not Material You, while pill-shaped tab indicators are not leveraged. The partial redesign is not rolled out yet, and it’s unclear if there are any other changes in store. Meanwhile, most users just want a dark theme.

1: Current | 2-4: New

That aside, the Wear OS screenshots we see today include the Today feed of various health stat cards that presumably show more detail when tapped. We see a Sleep view that notes how long you slept, as well as that night’s score and the Sleep stages graph. You can also get a recent history of exercises and/or goals.

There are also images of what should be the exercise screen where your BPM is noted up top with an arc showing what heart rate zone you’re currently in. You also get steps, calories burned, and time elapsed.

The next pair of screenshots might be Tiles that show your step count and recent heart rate with an accompanying graph that’s available on the Sense 2 and Versa 4

More on Fitbit:

Author: Abner Li
Source: 9TO5Google

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