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HD Hyundai announces lithium phosphate battery pack for commercial trucks

HD Hyundai Infracore (HDI) is set to debut a new, 35 kWh lithium phosphate battery pack to power the next generation of electrified commercial equipment.

While the new HD Hyundai lithium phosphate battery isn’t technically out yet (it will officially bow at Intermat 2024 at Paris-Nord Villepinte next month), the battery pack has been in development since back when Infracore was still a Doosan brand.

As of 2021, the first prototypes of the battery were configured with bespoke battery management system (BMS) and thermal protection systems, as well as a flexible design architecture that allows the manufacturer to produce batteries with different voltages and capacities by using different numbers of standardized cylindrical nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) battery cells (that’s actually an NCM pack shown, at top).

The OG Doosan

Battery pack prototype no. 1, developed in-house by (then) Doosan Infracore; via HD Hyundai.

Different versions of the Infracore battery have been in used in the company’s 1.7 ton mini electric excavators since 2023. And they’re not alone. HD Hyundai currently offers LFP battery packs in 5.8, 8.8 and 11.7 kWh power capacities – but these news ones that are set to bow are expected to be much bigger.

Like, “big enough to power a commercial truck,” bigger.

Coming to an electric truck near you

Tata Daewoo’s C-segment truck which feature the new Infracore LFP battery pack; via HD Hyundai.

HDI recently confirmed that it will supply battery packs for Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle’s medium-duty electric trucks, and announced that the two companies will work together to expand Korea’s electric commercial offerings.

The official HDI release cites data from market research platform, Markets and Markets, that projects the global electric commercial vehicle market to grow from the 529,400 units sold in 2023 to more than 2.1 million units by 2030.

“We have been able to pioneer the EV market with on our proprietarily produced battery pack technology,” says HD Hyundai Infracore CEO, Seung-hyun Oh, “Based on such success, we plan to gradually expand the vehicle types applied with our battery packs and extend our supplier base to emerging countries and other regions.”

The new battery packs are intended to, “offer a value-oriented and robust solution for companies operating in the construction, industrial and marine sectors,” according to Power Progress (formerly Diesel Progress). We’ll have more when Hyundai lifts the veil in Paris.

Electrek’s Take

Hyundai Concept X at CES2024
Image by the author.

If their sprawling, interactive display at CES didn’t already convince you, Hyundai is serious about electrifying job sites around the world. Yes, they’re also working on hydrogen – but their concerted push to become global EV leaders is very real.

Construction companies like Caterpillar and Deere should would do well to learn the lesson Toyota and Honda learned the hard way in the 90s: underestimate the Koreans at your peril.

Author: Jo Borrás
Source: Electrek

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