Google Pixel 8 will reportedly be smaller, Galaxy Z Flip competitor also in the works

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Google has been investing more and more into the Pixel lineup over the past couple of years, and now we might be getting a sneak peek at what’s to come later on as an alleged roadmap offers a few tidbits about the Pixel 8 and beyond.

2023 seems like it will be an interesting year for Google’s Pixel lineup for two reasons. For one, it comes off of the back of the Pixel 7 series, which might just be Google’s most widely-liked smartphones since the original Pixel. Off of that foundation, we can expect some good stuff going into the new year.

This alleged roadmap shared by Android Authority details the Pixel 8 – “shiba” – and Pixel 8 Pro – “husky.” The Pixel 8 Pro is expected to be virtually identical to the Pixel 7 Pro in terms of general size and display. The Pixel 8, though, will apparently be smaller than the Pixel 7 was. It’s unclear how much of a difference this might make, but it’s notable nonetheless. Google also made the Pixel 7 slightly smaller than the Pixel 6.

Also arriving in 2023 would be the Pixel 7a – codenamed “lynx” as we’ve previously reported – which will supposedly keep the same $449 price point as the excellent Pixel 6a. This is actually rather surprising to hear, given what we know about the 7a. As we’ve previously reported, that device is expected to be a rather large upgrade with the addition of wireless charging and a new primary camera that uses the same sensor as Pixel 6 and Pixel 7, as well as an ultrawide camera and a telephoto camera too.

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The report also mentions the upcoming Google Pixel foldable, which we’ve recently seen in leaks and heard will cost $1,799. Apparently, 2024 could see a follow-up to this device depending on response to the first model.

What’s more interesting on the foldable side of things is mention of Google looking at a Galaxy Z Flip competitor.

This would be the first we’re hearing about the device, which may be because it is planned for 2025 at this time and is contingent on what happens with other Pixel phones prior to that launch, and that four non-folding phones could be released, mirroring Apple’s iPhone lineup with two Pro and two non-Pro, each at different sizes.

If Google does go for a clamshell-style foldable, it would come as no big surprise. In Samsung’s case, the Galaxy Z Flip outsells the Galaxy Z Fold by a wide margin. Oppo recently announced it would also be making a Flip device, surely under the same reasoning.

galaxy z flip 4 display
A future Google Pixel could be a lot like a Galaxy Z Flip

Notably, there’s no mention in the report anywhere about Google’s future plans with Pixel tablets, but we obviously know that 2023 will see the launch of the Pixel Tablet, and perhaps a “Pro” model too. Future Pixel Watch models are also not mentioned.

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Author: Ben Schoon
Source: 9TO5Google

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