Google Home app starts rolling out full TV controls for compatible sets

Google Home app

Some television sets can be controlled by the Nest Hub, and the Google Home app is now finally starting to pick up those touch-based controls.

Back in August, Google said it was “rolling out redesigned controls for popular smart home devices in the Google Home app,” including fans, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and TVs. This turned out to be pretty minor visual tweaks to a device’s control page.

Users that have TVs compatible with Google Assistant/Home support are now noticing that the Google Home app is offering full touch controls. This includes volume up/down, un/mute, power on/off, play, pause, channel, and a Source list.

It’s the same template as for non-Cast smart speakers, with a large switch for volume and pills housing everything else, except play/pause.

Old vs. new (u/PhilStation)

These controls might have already been available on the Nest Hub, but they are now available on the Google Home app. This is different from Cast-enabled televisions or Google/Android TV, which are instead served by the new Google Home app’s media controls.

As of today, there are reports from LG and Samsung television owners who are on the redesigned Home app Preview Program. This functionality is not yet widely rolled out in the Google Home app for all users.

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Author: Abner Li
Source: 9TO5Google

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