Google gives Android TV, Android Auto, and Android One new logos

Following a recent branding update to Android as a whole, Google is giving the rest of the family some updated logos. Android TV, Android Auto, and Android One have all recently picked up logo updates.

If you’ll recall just last month, Google officially revealed a brand new Android logo with updated colors, a tweaked font, and more. In the time since, Google has also tweaked the logos for Android TV, Android Auto, and Android One to follow suit.

For Android Auto and Android TV, these logo changes are pretty minimal. Android TV ditches the green color it was previously using for the Android name and goes for an all-white font this time around. Android Auto does the same with the updated font. Both logos use the word Android in bold with no space before the two words.

These updated logos are found on each platform’s official site, but we’ve not seen them used widely so far. For Android TV especially, it remains to be seen how Google will start pushing this updated logo with OEMs.

Android TV logos before (left) and after (right)

The new Android One logo, on the other hand, sees some other changes. The logo is still basically the same with its two-tone design, but the “Android” name is now a bit less bold. The entire logo also ditches the old green color for a dark blue and uses the new Android green to fill in the word “One.”

Android One logo before (left) and after (right)

It’s not totally clear when these changes were made, but we can confirm it was sometime in the past couple of days.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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