Google Fi dark theme rolling out on Android [Gallery]

Following the launch of the new Fi Unlimited plan last month, Google today is rolling out a night-friendly look for the Android client. The Google Fi dark theme is a quite straightforward implementation.

Google Fi for Android adopts a dark gray background similar to other first-party apps. This MVNO companion app is filled with whimsical headers at the top of every tab that interestingly interacts with the new look. It results in stark contrasts with the graphics losing some background detail and gradients. Other colors are themed appropriately in response.

Besides the darker color, you’ll notice a new “App theme” section under Phone Settings. Here you can choose Light, Dark, or System default, with the latter automatically selected.

The Google Fi dark theme also applies to the app widget, though this circular Data Usage Widget followed the system setting long before it came to the main app.

This new look is enabled with version 19, which rolled out alongside with Google Fi Unlimited, though there might be a server-side component. We first spotted development of the dark theme for Fi in late April.

More about Google Fi:

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Author: Abner Li
Source: 9TO5Google

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