Google easter egg celebrates the 2022 Westminster Dog Show

The latest easter egg in Google Search celebrates the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, set to begin this weekend.

Every year since 1877, the American Kennel Club – of which, the Westminster Kennel Club is a member – has hosted a dog show competition, traditionally in Madison Square Garden in New York City. Typically, the event has taken place toward the beginning of the year, but for 2021 and 2022, the event has had to be postponed to June, even changing venues from Madison Square Garden to Lyndhurst Mansion.

With this year’s Westminster Dog Show now set to begin this Saturday, June 18, Google Search has decided to get in on the fun by launching a “pawsome” new easter egg. To get started, simply search for “Westminster Dog Show,” which will bring you to a page full of info about this year’s event.

Toward the top of the page, you’ll find a big purple button with a paw print on it and animated to show a dog’s paw reaching over to press the button. With a press of the button, the Westminster Dog Show easter egg begins with a barking sound effect as a paw reaches over the page and leaves a paw print on your screen.

Now any time you click or tap on your screen, another dog barks and leaves its paw print where you tapped. As you scroll up and down the page, the easter egg paw prints follow, allowing you to mark up the entire Google Search results page if you wish. Once you’ve had your fun, clicking the close button at the bottom of the screen cues a wave of water to wash the paw prints off your screen.

As far as Google Search easter eggs go, this one for the Westminster Dog Show is pretty straightforward, but all the same, it’s a delightful way to celebrate the mark (or paw print) that dogs can make in our lives.

The 2022 Westminster Dog Show is set to run from June 18 through June 22, and it can be streamed for free on the official website.

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Author: Kyle Bradshaw
Source: 9TO5Google

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