Google Camera 8.3 arrives with Material You colors and tweaks

The latest Android 12 Beta for Pixels includes an update to Google Camera 8.3, which now supports Material You colors with some UI tweaks to match.

Material You is Google’s upcoming design language refresh, which, among other things, puts control of Android’s color scheme into your hands or, more appropriately, in your wallpaper. With Android 12 Beta 3, Material You’s color scheme changes seem to be rolling out in full force, especially thanks to the revamped wallpaper picker.

Google is also working to ensure as many of its first-party apps support the redesign as possible, and to that end, Android 12 Beta 3 includes Google Camera version 8.3, which is not currently available from the Play Store. The most noticeable feature of this update is that Google Camera now uses Material You colors throughout the app, including the mode switcher, quick zoom options, settings page, and more.

There are also some other Material You-style tweaks in Google Camera 8.3. In the app’s quick settings, the button to open the full settings page has changed from a simple gear icon to a larger “More settings” button. Inside the settings page, each page’s title bar uses the new Material You style, with no visible shadow.

The settings page also does away with the dividing lines between sections, letting the colored text of each subheading act as a separator. Similarly, the text on this page — and the quick settings, but not the main camera interface — has been switched from the previous Roboto font to the newly launched Google Sans Text.

The only other noticeable change is that Google Camera 8.3 now offers a prominent promo for the Pixel’s long-existing double-tap power gesture to quickly open the camera. Otherwise, Google Camera 8.3 appears to function identically, with no noticeably new photography or video features.

It’s not clear at this time whether or not Google intends to launch Camera 8.3 to those without Android 12, but considering the only hallmark change is the use of Material You colors, it could make sense for Google to hold this release until Android 12 releases later this year.

Author: Kyle Bradshaw
Source: 9TO5Google

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