GameSir X2 Pro controller for Android brings full triggers and remappable buttons


The folks at GameSir have announced their latest controller, the X2 Pro, aimed squarely at the many Xbox and Stadia cloud gamers on Android.

Among cloud gaming fans, GameSir has garnered a reputation for their affordably priced controllers — particularly the GameSir X2 — that fit almost any Android phone, turning it into something of a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck form factor. Earlier this year, they released a (pricey) successor to that controller in the GameSir X3, which added in-depth customization and a full RGB cooling fan, something cloud gamers don’t really need.

Today, the GameSir X2 is getting a true sequel with the company launching the new “GameSir X2 Pro.” The most notable difference in this controller is the Xbox logo on the front, as the GameSir X2 Pro is a certified “Designed for Xbox” accessory. Like almost every other Xbox-themed mobile accessory, the controller includes a 1-month trial of Game Pass Ultimate.

Around the back, you’ll find the Pro model has two more major improvements over the previous GameSir X2. Rather than the clicky triggers that had been standard to the GameSir line, the new controller has traditional hall effect triggers, useful for racing games, among other genres. There are also two rear buttons (M1 and M2) that can be remapped to any button you like.

The GameSir X2 Pro also includes some of the useful customization options introduced with the more expensive X3 controller. For example, you can detach all four of the face buttons (ABXY) and rearrange them in a different order. It’s a simple aesthetic change, but it can be useful when playing a game that expects a Nintendo-style layout. Additionally, you can switch the control sticks between convex and concave surfaces, depending on your preference.

The new controller connects to your Android phone via USB-C, rather than Bluetooth, to reduce its input latency as much as possible, which can be critical for cloud gaming. Like its predecessor, the GameSir X2 Pro still supports charging your phone while playing, via a USB-C power port on the controller itself.

The GameSir X2 Pro officially goes on sale September 1, and will be available in two colors, Midnight and Moonlight. You can already purchase the controller directly from for $79.99, while Amazon listings will be going live shortly.

Author: Kyle Bradshaw
Source: 9TO5Google

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