GamerSafer acquires Minecraft-focused Minehut server community

GamerSafer has acquired the Minehut server from Super Minehut community League, taking over a popular Minecraft server community.

Minehut has been around since 2015 and it has had millions of players. It still has about 500,000 monthly active users, said Rodrigo Tamellini, CEO of GamerSafer, in an interview with GamesBeat. The price wasn’t disclosed.

“Minehut is a unique asset. Whenever we look to Minehut, it’s not as an individual server or a server network. Minehut works like a hub where you can connect Minecraft servers hosted in many places,” Tamellini said. “And that’s very unique for the for the Minecraft ecosystem.”

GamerSafer is a safety tech company that recently launched the Official Minecraft Server. Tamellini said the Minehut community will stay intact, as the servers, hosting, gameplay and website will stay the same as they are. GamerSafer will share more information about its plans over time.

“We’ve been developing safe tech solutions for gaming for a couple of years now. And the first major ecosystem using our technology was Minecraft. So we have a lot of skin in the game and strong ties with that community,” Tamellini said. “We’ve been very close to Microsoft. And they basically brought us closer to SuperLeague. And we understood that this deal was a win win.”

Altogether, with the Minehut staff on board, GamerSafer has 35 people. The news was first disclosed in the Minehut Discord channel. SuperLeague acquired Minehut a few years ago.

GamerSafer is working with other projects with Microsoft’s Mojang, which runs the Minecraft franchise. GamerSafer will be a good parent because trust and safety is a fundamental feature of the young Minecraft community, Tamellini said. Right now, GamerSafer protects more than 15 million players in 87 countries across games and esports.

“We have some other cool things happening as we have a very close relationship with several server hosting companies within Minecraft. And we thought that would be an interesting piece of a bigger puzzle for us to have these assets,” Tamellini said. “We can really explore the synergies of Minehut with other ventures that we have in mind.”

Tamellini was a former senior director at Intel in its gaming business unit. He and his cofounder Maria Tamellini started the company in 2018 as part of an incubation by Skydeck, the accelerator at the University of California at Berkeley. Go bears.

“Great online gaming experiences result from a combination of user-generated content and player safety. Minehut, powered by GamerSafer safety tech and partnering with Super League, brings even more value to the community and brands,” said Tamellini. “Additionally, Minehut synergizes with our deep commitment to the Minecraft ecosystem, as evidenced by the official Minecraft server list built in partnership with Mojang Studios and many other projects we’ve released over the years with the Minecraft community.”

Author: Dean Takahashi
Source: Venturebeat
Reviewed By: Editorial Team

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