Fortnite season 10 will start with a time-bending explosion

We’re just a day away from season 10 of Fortnite, and it looks like things are going to get… explosive. In a short video, developer Epic teased an event many fans have been expecting: the glowing orb in Loot Lake appears primed to blow up. Cracks have been appearing on the orb over the past few days, leading to speculation that a cataclysmic event is in the works. The teaser was accompanied by the phrase “zero in.”

Not long after that tease, the developer went ahead and released a full minute-long story trailer that provides a lot more details. After the explosion, a character travels through a void filled with elements and moments from past Fortnite seasons. We see the rocket launch crack the sky, and the magical butterfly from the cube explosion. The sentient banana Peely naturally makes an appearance as well. It ends with the tagline “out of time.”

The Zero Point is exploding. Get ready for #SeasonX dropping 8.1.2019.

It’s been a few days of teasing from Epic. It started on Sunday at the World Cup Finals, with a single image of the previously destroyed location Dusty Depot along with the phrase “think back.” Subsequent teasers similarly showed off elements from Fortnite’s past, including the Visitor from season 4 and Drift from season 5. This combined with the new trailer indicate that Epic is looking to tap into the surprisingly rich history of the game’s fiction for the upcoming season.

We still don’t know exactly what map or gameplay changes to expect, and Epic is likely also revealing new details on the game’s competitive future. All should be revealed soon: Fortnite season 10 launches on August 1st.

Update July 31st, 12:17PM ET: Added details from the story trailer.


Source: Theverge

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