Flighty for iOS is a beautiful data-driven flying assistant app with delay predictions and more

Flighty is a new app for iOS that aims to be the “ultimate flight tracker.” The app was developed over two years with input from pilots and frequent flyers, with the goal of making it as easy and hands-off as possible to track your flights.

The premise of Flighty is that you enter your flight information, then the app does the rest. The app integrates “pilot-level data” that offers detailed information on the status of your flights. For instance, Flighty offers “exclusive delay predictors” based on things like 25-hour plane monitoring and FAA traffic management data.

The inbound plane tracking feature of Flighty is particularly interesting:

Our Inbound plane tracking is the culmination of our pilot-level data and refinement over a year of testing.

We start by automatically monitoring your plane 25-hours before you even depart. Along its journey to you we monitor for disruptions or issues that may affect your flight. If anything starts going wrong – we alert you instantly. 

Other interesting data offered by Flighty includes detailed flight maps, live tracking, delay forecasts for planes and airlines, and more.

Flighty also aims to make your travel days easier with features like Connection Assistant, which provides detailed information on connecting flights. There’s also Check In Assistant for the top 100 airlines, as well as Morning-Of Assistant for making sure everything is in order before you head to the airport.

Much of Flighty’s data manifests itself through push notifications:

Our unmatched speed is thanks to our complete end-to-end push infrastructure. We never need to poll or refresh; when something happens to your flight, we push it all over the globe in seconds. Nobody comes close, not even airport boards or airlines’ own apps.

The next key is that Flighty is totally unfiltered and unbiased. If you think about it, airlines don’t really want to tell you the truth… they want to tell you what makes them look best! We don’t have this issue. At Flighty our goal is to get you the whole truth, fast.

Flighty is a powerful app for tracking your flights with ease. It’s available on the App Store with a 14-day free trial. Once that trial is over, subscriptions run $8.99 per month or $49.99 per year ($69.99 after “launch sale” expires). The monthly option is ideal for those who don’t travel on a regular basis.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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