Ethereum Technical Insights: ETH Crosses $3,100 Mark for the First Time in 21 Days

Ethereum Market Update: Price Range and Trading Volume

Ethereum’s price has been exhibiting a narrow intraday range between $3,048 and $3,139. With a market capitalization of $373 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of $9.83 billion, the cryptocurrency shows a mixed technical outlook. At 7:57 (EDT) on Monday, ether is exchanging hands for just under $3,100 at $3,093 per unit.


The hourly chart for ethereum (ETH) indicates bearish pressure, particularly after the price failed to break above the $3,139 resistance level. Recent activity shows choppy price movements with a significant drop, signaling a slight sell-off. Support is identified at $3,048, with volume spikes suggesting active trading and potential short-term volatility. Traders should look for a strong support confirmation or a bullish reversal pattern before considering new positions.

On the 4-hour chart, ethereum presents mixed signals. A recent rally peaked at $3,147, followed by a pullback, indicating a consolidation phase. The support level is around $2,863, with visible volume spikes during the rally reflecting strong buying interest. The current consolidation phase suggests traders should watch for a breakout above recent highs or a drop below support to determine the next directional move.

The daily chart shows a slightly bearish trend characterized by lower highs and lower lows. Support is found at $2,813, while resistance is at $3,356. Despite the bearish trend, recent bullish momentum is evident through a series of upswings, hinting at a potential short-term uptrend. Volume remains relatively low, indicating weaker conviction behind these price movements. A confirmed breakout above resistance or a firm bounce from support could signal stronger directional moves.

Oscillators present a neutral outlook, with the relative strength index (RSI) at 52 and the Stochastic at 72.3. The commodity channel index (CCI) at 79 and the average directional index (ADX) at 16.0 also suggest neutrality. However, the momentum indicator at 193.9 and the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) level at -26.1 signal bullish conditions. Moving averages (MAs) offer a mixed view; shorter-term averages (10, 20, 30-day exponential moving averages (EMAs) and simple moving averages (SMAs) indicate positive signals, while longer-term averages (50, 100-day EMAs and SMAs) provide sell signals, reflecting a divergence in short-term versus long-term trends.

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For traders, potential entry points on the daily chart are around the $2,813 support level, provided there is confirmation of a bounce or reversal. On the 4-hour chart, entering near $2,863 per ETH could be strategic, especially with increasing volume and price strength. A more aggressive entry on the hourly chart could be near $3,048 if strong support and a bullish reversal pattern emerge. Exit strategies should consider the $3,356 resistance level on the daily chart, partial exits around $3,147 on the 4-hour chart, and exits near $3,139 on the hourly chart if no significant breakout occurs.

Bull Verdict:

Given the recent bullish momentum observed in the daily chart with consecutive upticks in price and strong support levels around $2,813, ethereum demonstrates the potential for a short-term uptrend. The bullish signals from momentum indicators and MAs support this outlook.

Bear Verdict:

Despite the short-term bullish signals, ethereum’s overall trend remains slightly bearish with lower highs and lower lows on the daily chart. The significant resistance levels and the mixed signals from longer-term moving averages suggest caution. The low trading volume further indicates weak conviction behind recent price movements, implying that the bearish trend may persist unless significant bullish confirmation appears.

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