Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Bulls Continue to Break Upper Resistance Levels

On Friday, December 8, 2023, ethereum’s trading concluded with a 4% rise, settling at $2,358. This jump was observed within a daily trading range from $2,245 to $2,385. Underlying this upward trajectory was ether’s market cap of $283 billion, accompanied by a strong 24-hour trading volume of $26.75 billion. Oscillators and moving averages present a nuanced yet predominantly optimistic perspective for the second-largest crypto asset by market capitalization, suggesting the possibility of future upswings.


Regarding oscillators, the relative strength index (RSI) is positioned at 72.8, reflecting a neutral and balanced market stance, which implies a continuing positive sentiment for ethereum (ETH). Similarly, the Stochastic oscillator, at 87.2, mirrors this neutral trend. However, the commodity channel index (CCI) at 173.1 slightly tilts towards bearish tendencies, hinting at potential overvaluation or exhaustion in the short-term.

Diversity is seen in other oscillators as well. The momentum indicator, marked at 311.2, points towards a negative outlook, suggesting a possible weakening in the current price trend. In contrast, the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) level at 98.4 signals a bullish trend, indicating an underlying positive momentum that may support a continued upward movement in the near term.

Moving averages further affirm a bullish scenario for ETH. Across various timeframes (10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 days), both the exponential moving average (EMA) and simple moving average (SMA) consistently indicate upward momentum. This concordance among moving averages (MAs) strongly suggests a prevailing bullish market sentiment, indicating that the current uptrend could be sustainable in future trading sessions.

The 4-hour chart analysis illustrates an overall uptrend marked by successive higher lows and higher highs, a clear indicator of bullish conditions. However, the analysis of trading volume reveals a lack of consistent increase in buying volume, an ideal indicator for confirming a robust uptrend. This discrepancy advises traders to exercise caution when seeking confirmation of the trend’s strength.

The daily chart analysis for ETH reinforces this optimistic outlook, displaying strong bullish candles indicative of significant buying interest at lower price levels. Volume spikes on the daily chart support this positive trend, particularly on days with heightened trading volume, further cementing the argument for ETH’s ongoing bullish momentum.

Bull Verdict:

Ethereum’s price action on December 8, 2023, indicates a strong bullish trend, underlined by consistently positive signals from moving averages and bolstered by key patterns in the 4-hour and daily charts. The convergence of technical indicators, including the buy signals from MACD and the unanimity in moving averages, point towards sustained upward momentum.

Bear Verdict:

Despite the bullish trend observed on December 8, 2023, ethereum’s market action shows signs of caution that could indicate a potential bearish reversal. Oscillators like the CCI and momentum indicator suggest an overvaluation and weakening of the current price trend. The lack of consistent buying volume in the 4-hour chart analysis raises questions about the strength of the uptrend.

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Source: Bitcoin

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