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Disney World now lets you charge your EV faster than you can get through one roller-coaster ride

Disney World is stepping up its efforts to assist the growing population of EV drivers on the road today with new charging solutions that will easily “fill up” your ride quicker than you can get through one roller coaster at the park.

The entertainment company announced Thursday it had installed several new ChargePoint Level 3 fast chargers at Disney Springs, its shopping and entertainment venue.

Disney World already has EV charging options at all four of its Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney Coronado Springs Resort, and Disney Springs, but with minimal availability. Only a “handful” of options are available at each for now.

Meanwhile, many of the charging options for electric vehicles at the parks are Level 2, which takes about an hour for 30 miles of range.

To compare, Disney’s new Level 3 chargers deliver around 3 to 20 miles of range per minute with 62.5 kW DC output.

Through ChargePoint’s business model, pricing is controlled by Disney while the charging company operates the stations. According to Disney’s update:

Current costs are $0.40/kWh, and $18 per hour 20 mins after charging stops.

Four fast chargers are installed and operating, with plans to deploy another four in the near future. You can find the new ChargePoint EV charging stations behind the Cirque du Soleil in the Watermelon parking lot.


Where are the EV charging options at Disney World?

Many of the charging stations at Disney World are ChargePoint brands, making it simple to find available spots.

To locate EV charging stations at Disney, you can download the ChargePoint app, which takes less than five minutes in total. From there, the app will automatically show you the closest stations, how long it will take to charge, the cost, and if it’s currently in use.

Disney World EV charging options Source: ChargePoint

As you can see, Disney World has options at all its theme parks and surrounding areas, though still limited in quantity. A blue charging station indicates it’s in use, while a green one signals it’s open. Here’s a quick breakdown of where to find them:

  • EPCOT has four EV chargers located in the front parking lot.
  • Hollywood Studios provides four spaces, also in the front (Mickey) parking lot.
  • Magic Kingdom has five chargers. Four in the front lot (Zurg) and another in the medical parking.
  • Animal Kingdom has four EV chargers located in the front parking lot.

Disney World also provides several EV charging options at its hotels, shopping districts, and surrounding areas.

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Author: Peter Johnson
Source: Electrek

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