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BYD’s Yuan Plus EV hits major milestone with starting prices under $20,000

China’s largest EV maker, BYD, just hit a significant milestone with its 500,000th Yuan Plus EV model rolling off the assembly line Friday.

The achievement comes just 19 months after hitting the market. Since its debut in China in February 2022, the Yuan Plus has become a global sensation.

Known as the Atto 3 in overseas markets, the all-electric model is the first A-Class SUV to use BYD’s e-platform 3.0, enabling improved efficiency and safety.

The base version is powered by a 49.92 kWh BYD Blade Battery and front electric motor with 201 hp and 310 Nm peak torque, providing 430 km (267 miles) of range. It starts at 135,800 yuan (around $18,700).

With over 102,000 Atto 3 models exported as of August 2023, the electric SUV is helping expand the brand into new markets. BYD shipped its first batch of Yuan Plus EVs to Mexico in June, expanding its North American presence.

BYD celebrating Yuan Plus (Atto 3) EV deliveries in Mexico (Source: BYD)

The model has been expanding globally after launching in Columbia last October, followed by Brazil and Thailand in November 2022. It’s now in 55 countries worldwide.

BYD’s Atto 3 was even the best-selling EV in Sweden in July, besting Volkswagen, Tesla, and Volvo.

BYD Yuan Plus hits major milestone after 19 months

With monthly sales volume consistently surpassing 30,000 units, BYD hit by assembling its 500,000th Yuan Plus Friday, only 19 months after launching.

BYD Yuan Plus hits the 500,000 milestone in 19 months (Source: BYD)

Meanwhile, the auto giant also launched the Yuan Plus Champion Edition, giving way to a lineup of five trims with prices ranging from 135,800 yuan ($18,700) to 163,800 yuan ($22,516).

BYD Yuan Plus (Source: BYD)

The new trim adds two new exterior colors, Oxygen Blue and Dynamic Purple (an additional 2,000 yuan fee), with a luxurious beige interior.

Several features have been upgraded, including the 3D transparent panoramic image system, child-friendly mode, and front seat heating and ventilation. With two BYD Blade battery options, buyers can choose between models with 430 km or 510 km of range.

Author: Peter Johnson
Source: Electrek

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