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BYD teases sleek new electric SUV design to rival Tesla’s model Y

China’s leading EV maker, BYD, is teasing a new electric SUV as part of its Ocean series. The BYD Sea Lion 07’s design was led by ex-Audi and Lamborghini chief designer Wolfgang Egger.

BYD continues its dominant expansion. After selling a record 151,193 all-electric vehicles in September, BYD came within a few thousand models of surpassing EV leader Tesla.

While Tesla delivered 435,059 vehicles in the third quarter on its way to 1.8 million this year, BYD is inching closer. The Chinese EV leader delivered 431,603 electric cars in Q3, within 3,500 of taking the crown from Tesla.

Starting as a battery maker, BYD has an advantage over many of the competition. With most components made in-house, BYD can design, assemble, and mass-produce vehicles much quicker and at less of a cost.

For example, every part of the Dolphin electric hatch is built by BYD, except the tires and windows. As such, BYD can offer its vehicles often at significantly lower prices.

BYD Dolphin EV (Source: BYD)

BYD’s electric models, like the Dolphin hatchback and Yuan Plus (Atto 3), are priced between $17,000 and $30,000 in many markets, making them one of the most affordable options.

The attractive prices have led to explosive growth in overseas markets, including Thailand, Brazil, and Columbia. BYD is also expanding in key markets, including Japan, Mexico, Australia, Hungary, and more.

BYD Sea Lion 07 (Source: CarNewsChina)

New BYD electric SUV coming November 17

BYD is previewing its new electric SUV, the Sea Lion 07, ahead of its official reveal at the Guanghzhou international auto show on November 17.

BYD Sea Lion 07 (Source: CarNewsChina)

You can see the new EVs sleek front face and fastback. Designed for maximum efficiency, the shadowy electric SUV is almost reminescent of Lamborghini’s first EV, the Lanzador.

The new EV will be part of BYD’s Ocean lineup As CarNewsChina points out, like other Ocean series models, the design is led by ex-Lamborghini and Audi designer Wolfgang Egger.

Lamborghini electric Lanzador (Source: Lamborghini)

Although no other information was revealed, the new model is expected to ride on BYD’s e-platform 3.0.

CarNewsChina obtained images of a camoflouged Sea Lion 07 in 2022 when it was initially expected to launch. The new mid size SUV will take on Tesla’s Model Y in China, and likely abroad.

Pricing has yet to be revealed, but BYD’s new EV is expected to start around $26,000 (190,000 yuan). It’s designed to sit below the new BYD Song L, which pre-orders opened for last month.

Electrek’s Take

Can BYD’s new electric SUV push it over the top to become the top selling pure EV maker? The Sea Lion 07 will join other Ocean series models including the Seal electric sedan and Seagull hatchback.

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It doesn’t make sense to compare BYD’s sales to Tesla’s – they’re in completely different price categories.

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Both Tesla and BYD have aggresively cut prices this year to squeeze out the competition and boost demand.

Despite the lower prices, BYD posted a record $1.42 billion in Q3 profit. As it continues expanding into new markets, one thing is for certain, BYD will be a name to watch.

After ending production of purely ICE vehicles in April 2022, BYD is taking advantage of the industry’s transition to EVs. We’ll have more details about its newest electric SUV soon. Check back later this week.

Source: CarNewsChina, BYD Weibo

Author: Peter Johnson
Source: Electrek

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