Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC 15th Anniversary Celebrations Marred by Market Mayhem

BTC 15th Anniversary Celebrations

In the wake of bitcoin’s 15th anniversary, the cryptocurrency behemoth confronts a challenging market terrain, as its price dipped 6.7% to prices between $42,350 to $42,619 amidst swirling rumors of spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) rejections.


The past day saw bitcoin’s price range fluctuate between $41,804 and $45,813 with a market capitalization of $832 billion and trading volume of around $35.96 billion. The oscillators and moving averages hint at a diverging sentiment: while the momentum and moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) level indicate bearish action, there’s a strong bullish signal from the exponential and simple moving averages, especially over longer periods (50, 100, and 200 days).

A detailed look reveals a neutral stance in the relative strength index (RSI), Stochastic, commodity channel index (CCI), average directional index, and awesome oscillator. Yet, the selling pressure is evident with a negative momentum and MACD Level. The moving averages predominantly show bullish sentiment, especially in longer time frames, suggesting the optimistic undercurrent remains.

The daily chart depicts a dramatic narrative – a significant uptrend followed by a precipitous decline, with the recent large daily red candle signifying the strong selling pressure. This was precluded by a consolidation phase, likely an accumulation before a sell-off. The transition from bullish to prominent bearish flags signals a reversal, marking an exit point just before the decline.

Zooming into the 4-hour chart, the recent price surge followed by a steep downturn is evident. The entry and exit points become clearer with this granularity; an upward trend confirmation was the green light for entry, while an ideal exit was at the peak or as the downturn formed, breaking below the previous low, hinting at a momentum shift.

The 1-hour chart offers an acute perspective of the rapid price fall, characterized by the day’s large dip. This granularity is particularly beneficial for short-term traders seeking quick trades within consolidation phases. The exit strategy aligns with the 4-hour chart, emphasizing the break below the support level from previous areas as the cue to avoid further downturns.

Bull Verdict:

Despite recent downturns and market volatility, the longer-term moving averages and certain oscillators suggest an underlying bullish sentiment. If the market can leverage this period of consolidation as a springboard, coupled with significant historical support levels holding firm, there’s potential for an upward trajectory. As bitcoin celebrates its 15th anniversary, the innovative spirit and growing adoption could catalyze a resurgence, especially if external factors like ETF approvals turn favorable.

Bear Verdict:

The sharp decline indicated in the daily and shorter-term charts, accompanied by negative momentum and MACD levels, paints a worrisome picture for bitcoin. The selling pressure and break below key psychological and technical support levels suggest a continuation of the bearish trend. If external market forces, such as the potential rejection of spot bitcoin ETFs, materialize negatively, it could further erode investor confidence and lead to a sustained downturn. In this light, the current market conditions might be seen as a precursor to more significant losses, warranting a cautious approach for those looking to preserve capital.

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