Bear Cub Being a ‘Twerp’ Attacks Trail Camera

A bratty bear cub has been dubbed a “twerp” after it took out its frustration on a trail camera, wrecking the photo equipment seemingly because it was reprimanded by its mother.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project shared the video to social media on Friday where the project organizers didn’t hold back on the young cub.

“This bear was being a little twerp…he was even driving his mom nuts,” the wildlife conservators write on Facebook.

“Once she laid down the law, the little punk, who was clearly distraught from his mother’s reprimand, decided it was time to let out his pent-up frustration on our camera.”

The young bear has two goes at the camera, initially, the camera survives and keeps recording, but after the mother bear scolds her offspring for dancing on its hind legs and falling on her, the hyperactive mammal bounds over to the trail camera for a second time.

This time the cub spends more time wrecking the camera, as we get a hilarious close-up of its face, but unfortunately for the Voyageurs Wolf Project, the camera is taken down and left inoperative.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Close up of his eyes is hilarious, and at the end, his little foot,” writes Barb Wire on Twitter.

“What a little stinker. I just love your posts of animals living their lives,” adds Brenda Marx on Facebook.

Some commentators felt sorry for the bear for not having anyone else its age to lark around with.

“He doesn’t look like he has any siblings. Poor guy, has no one to play with,” writes Kimberly Cochrane.

“Aww, the poor little guy needs some brothers and sisters to play with. No wonder he’s driving mom nuts,” writes Carmen Jordan.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a research project overseen by the University of Minnesota aimed at furthering understanding of wolf behavior, specifically how wolves spend their summer, reports Fox 35.

The project employs camera traps, provided by NatureSpy, to capture wolves in their natural habitat in the northern Minnesota area.

The fact-finding mission also uses GPS collars on the wolves which reveal the locations of dens and rendezvous sites.

Author: Matt Growcoot
Source: Petapixel

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