Ark Invest’s ETF Holds Unique ‘Bitcoin Puppet’ NFT Worth Over $27,000

The Ark Invest Holdings in Bitcoin ETFs: Inscriptions and NFTs

According to onchain metrics, Ark Invest’s holdings in its spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) include several inscriptions, among them an Ordinal inscription from the “Bitcoin Puppet” digital collectible series, valued at $27,900. Similarly, Blackrock’s IBIT possesses an Ordinal inscription from the “Speculum Aeternum” non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Are Holding Unique NFT Inscriptions

Several spot bitcoin ETFs boast inscriptions within their portfolios, and on Monday, the X account linked to revealed that Ark Invest’s ARKB ETF includes a “Bitcoin Puppet” NFT among its assets. This collection consists of 10,001 unique digital puppets, with the base price for one currently standing at 0.39 BTC, or $27,913.

This figure represents the minimum price at which a “Bitcoin Puppet” is offered for sale as of today. Specifically, the puppet in ARKB’s possession is depicted with a pipe in its mouth, donning a purple hat, and clutching a piece of paper that reads “Runnin Bitcoin.” The “Bitcoin Puppet” inscription in ARKB’s possession is numbered 53,159,523 out of a total of 67.99 million.

ARKB’s bitcoin fund encompasses a variety of Ordinal inscriptions within its collection of satoshis. Arkham Intelligence has identified the address holding these inscriptions as being included in ARKB’s range of bitcoin addresses.

Similarly, Blackrock possesses an Ordinal linked to its bitcoin from the “Speculum Aeternum” series. The base price for an item from this collection currently stands at 0.053 BTC, or $3,808. Bitwise’s portfolios are also enriched with numerous inscriptions, with a significant portion of them being text-based Ordinals.

Wallets publicly associated with certain organizations or those harboring substantial bitcoin sums frequently receive minuscule bitcoin fragments, known as “dust.” This dust, while sometimes serving as a token of donation, may also carry messages or digital collectibles.

Source: Bitcoin

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