AR Doodle draws ‘sticky’ animations on your Galaxy Note 10 selfies

The Galaxy Note 10’s S Pen doesn’t just serve as a remote control wand for Samsung’s newest phone, as we saw at Samsung’s press conference today, it works its magic in the realm of AR as well. When used in conjunction with the Notes’ AR Doodle feature, users will wield their stylus as a mixed reality paintbrush, adding drawings and animations to whatever scene the camera is pointed at.

To use AR Doodle, the user first takes a picture or video of the subject, then adds lettering and other effects to the scene. The Note 10 tracks where all of the effects are “pinned” in the local space, enabling the doodles to repopulate if the user leaves the room and then returns. The app also offers facial recognition, so anything you draw around your subject’s head will reappear the next time they’re in frame. And since individual effects and animations remain fixed in their relative positions, you’ll be able to see them from different angles simply by walking around the room.

AR Doodle should be good for a laugh or two with your friends but as Engadget reporter Cherlynn Low notes from the press conference, “This seems like a fun feature, but not something I’m particularly aching to try.”

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Author: Andrew Tarantola
Source: GSMArena
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