Apple says 88% of all iPhones and iPads now running iOS 12, as iOS 13 release nears

Apple has today updated its iOS version statistics for developers. Apple publishes these numbers every few months based on usage traffic to the App Store.

The company says that 88% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models are now running iOS 12. That proportion rises to 90% if counting only devices released in the last four years. These are likely the final figures for iOS 12 as Apple readies iOS 13 for release next month.

Apple’s data shows that 88% of customers are running iOS 12, 7% are running iOS 11 and 5% are still holding on to earlier iOS releases (likely using devices that cannot update to iOS 11 or later).

Apple’s previously published pie-charts used data from May 30. At the end of May, it said 85% of all devices were using iOS 12 and 87% of devices introduced in the last four years. Essentially, both statistics have risen 3 percentage-points in two months, increasing to 90% and 88%.

These iOS upgrade rates represent an increase compared to the iOS 11 cycle. At approximately the same time in the cycle in 2018, iOS 11 adoption was at the 85% level.

The comparative increase shows that more of the iOS user base were motivated to updating this year to iOS 12, compared to the iOS 11 release. Apple focused on stability and performance for iOS 12, which helped encourage users on older devices to upgrade and get the stability and speed benefits.

Apple’s next major operating system version, iOS 13, is currently in developer beta and will be released in mid-September, alongside the new iPhone 11 debut. iOS 13 brings major new features like Dark Mode, redesigned Photos app, advanced Siri Shortcuts, new Memoji Stickers, revamped CarPlay experience, a brand new Reminders app, and more changes.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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