Android Q Beta 6: Top new features from the final Q Preview [Video]

So here we are on the last public developer preview build of Android Q before the full stable release, and it addresses a few complaints, issues and more to make it — expectedly — the most complete version of Android Q that we’ve seen thus far.

If you’re wondering just what is new in this new build, then we have a fantastic dive into all of the nuances that have been dug up and sought out thanks to our very own Abner Li and team — so be sure to check that out.

Considering we have had five previous Android Q Beta updates, the bulk of the new features have already been added and enhanced with each release. That said, there is still room for a few little tweaks to tie up the entire package so that we are ready for the full Q update over the next month or so.

So with all that said, here is the admittedly short list of top new features brought in by Android Q Beta 6.

We had already seen Night Sight move into the main Google Camera app get the update thanks to version 6.3. To access this new position you would need to download the separate .apk file but now there is no need to do so with Q Beta 6.

The new positioning is much easier to find by swiping to the far left of the camera UI. You do still get the same on-screen pop-ups if your Pixel phone detects that there is poor lighting which suggests that you use the long-exposure photo mode.

We’re still scratching our heads as to why Google didn’t have Night Sight in the main camera UI from the very beginning — but at least it is here now.

When using gestures in Android Q, the “go back” gesture now has a ‘Back Sensitivity’ slider that you can tweak within the System navigation panel. You can adjust the sensitivity between one of four increments from “low” to “high.”

I’d suggest that if you do plan on making adjustments here, that you play around to find just the right comfort level, as it isn’t immediately clear how much each increment adjusts the overall sensitivity.

If you have the full gesture navigation method enabled and are not a fan of the iOS copycat on-screen gesture navbar, you’ll be pleased to hear that it now disappears when on your home screen.

The gesture bar will now only appear when in apps or system menus. This may not seem like a very impactful change, but it is a nice UI update. The swipe in gestures for the Google Assistant have also completely disappeared — although this may simply be due to it already being activated on my device.

Android Q Beta 6 new feature - Emergency contact button

Yet another little tweak that doesn’t make a huge difference to the day-to-day experience you have with Android Q but is still a nice further little UI change.

The emergency call and contact information button has been changed to resemble the ‘star of life’ icon that is seen on many ambulances around the globe from the older first aid plus sign.

It doesn’t make any difference to how the button works, it’s simply a new look for something that, hopefully, you won’t need to use.

Darker fast rotation button Android Q Beta 6

Again, another less noticeable UI tweak that is added to the bottom navbar is the fast rotation button. It has had a slight update which is a bit of stretch to be considered a Q Beta 6 feature.

The icon has been darkened to match the native dark mode a bit better than it previously has done. You may never have noticed it had we not pointed it out, so we thought it was worth mentioning.

So that concludes the Android Q Beta or Developer Preview path. The next notable release will, in fact, be the full-fat Android Q update. We don’t expect any major surprises ahead of the full rollout but we’re sure there will be some minor tweaks and enhancements come release day. What are your thoughts of the most recent Android update? Are you happy with it? Disappointed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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