Android 11 DP3: You can ‘undo’ removing an app from Recents multitasking

Android’s multitasking screen is getting some useful new tweaks in Android 11, and now, we’ve spotted another. Starting with Android 11’s third developer preview, you can now bring back or “undo” recent apps after they’ve been swiped away.

One of our awesome readers pinged us on Twitter regarding this feature addition. Google has added a second swipe gesture to the “Recents” multitasking menu that actually brings back the app you’ve most recently swiped out of the menu.

While you really shouldn’t constantly clear out your Recents menu on Android, getting rid of an app or two can be handy. With this new feature, Android 11 users can easily restore an app to that menu by simply swiping down on the screen of the current app.

Notably, this does have its limitations. It will only work for  app. So, in the example below, I swipe away both Spotify and Twitter, but only Twitter returns and then the gesture is disabled. The same applies if you only had a single app open in the first place. Clearly, Google is implementing this to give users a few seconds to bring back an app if they swiped it away by mistake.

Stay tuned to 9to5Google and let us know through Twitter or the comments if you see any new changes we haven’t covered!

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Author: Ben Schoon.
Source: 9TO5Google

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