Amid ‘Regulatory Apparatus’ Against Crypto, Paul Tudor Jones Maintains Bitcoin Allocation 

In a recent interview, the renowned investor Paul Tudor Jones expressed his perspective on bitcoin, acknowledging that there might be regulatory challenges ahead. However, Jones emphasized his unwavering commitment to the dominant cryptocurrency, affirming that he maintains “a small diversification” in his investment portfolio and always will.

Paul Tudor Jones on Bitcoin: ‘I’m Sticking With It, and I’m Going to Always Stick With It’

In an on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” this week, the legendary hedge fund manager shared his insights on both and the U.S. economy. Jones expressed his view that the might have gone overboard with its actions, asserting that any rate hikes are unlikely to occur this year. Furthermore, he suggested that inflation could persistently decrease, bringing the Federal Reserve closer to achieving its objectives of controlling inflation than anticipated. Nonetheless, this decline in inflation could present a challenge for the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

In addition to his observations on the U.S. economy, Paul Tudor Jones delved into the regulatory landscape surrounding bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency industry. With conviction, Jones opined that “bitcoin has a real problem because, in the United States, you have the entire regulatory apparatus against it.” Despite this formidable opposition, Jones emphasized during his interview with CNBC that he remains steadfast in his commitment to the leading digital currency, opting to maintain a modest allocation of in his investment portfolio.

Jones said:

From the beginning, I’ve always said I want to have a small allocation to it because it’s the only thing humans can’t adjust the supply in. So I’m sticking with it, and I’m going to always stick with it as a small diversification in my portfolio.

Back in October 2021, Jones confidently that bitcoin was “winning the race against gold,” just before surged to its all-time high of $69K. Fast forward to May 2022, and Jones the difficulty of not being bullish on cryptocurrencies. However, with the potential decline in inflation, the rationale behind hedging with gold and bitcoin might lose some of its luster in the future.

“[Bitcoin and gold have] done so well recently because of the fact that we have had these great risk premiums,” Jones told CNBC. “I wonder whether they may not be boring in the future. If inflation is truly done a bit, if that story’s been played, then you have to wonder: we were buying gold and bitcoin for the inflation hedges – that game may be over,” the investment mogul added.

What are your thoughts on Paul Tudor Jones’ unwavering commitment to Bitcoin amidst regulatory challenges? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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