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Adobe takes Firefly GenAI creator tools to Apple Vision Pro

Adobe Firefly

Adobe announced its Adobe Firefly family of creative generative AI models will be available as an app on the Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro is launching today, and the app is meant to make use of its technology for creators. Adobe said its AI models, launched in March of last year, are designed for safe commercial use. Adobe Firefly has been used to generate over 5 billion images to date, making it the most popular AI image generation model designed for safe commercial use, in record time, globally.

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With an experience purpose-built for visionOS, users can ideate and bring their creative visions to life by generating and rendering artwork on large, beautiful displays that bring them closer to the content. They can also arranging images in all sorts of contexts (drag out of the main app window to place on walls, desks and real-world spaces around you).

An image created by Adobe Firefly displayed on the Apple Vision Pro.

And in the future, they can generate wrap-around panoramas, 360-degree environments and more.

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Content credentials – free open-source technology that serves as a “nutrition label” to digital content – are automatically attached and embedded to all content created with Adobe Firefly in Apple Vision Pro to ensure content and data transparency.

Adobe Lightroom is also available on Apple Vision Pro to enjoy an immersive photo editing experience. You can discover the future of photography with a new way to edit photos at a larger scale, get down to the details, experience the magic of wide-frame panoramic images or video memories, and more to come in the future.

Adobe Fresco and Behance will also be available on the device to further empower new, creative experiences.

Author: Dean Takahashi
Source: Venturebeat
Reviewed By: Editorial Team

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