27% of Ethereum Now Staked: $98 Billion Committed as Interest Peaks

Recent data reveals that over 27% of all ether, amounting to 32,472,720 ethereum, is currently staked, as interest in this activity has heightened significantly within the past year. Liquid staking derivative (LSD) protocols have locked in more than $40 billion, with Lido Finance holding $28.77 billion of that sum.

Staking Captures 27% of Ethereum Supply; Lido Holds Dominant $28.77 Billion Share

According to the latest statistics from and, 27.09% of the entire ether supply, which totals 120,071,733 ETH, is actively being staked. This represents a substantial sum of 32,472,720 ether, valued at $98.26 billion at present exchange rates. Bitcoin News recently covered the decline in ETH held in LSD platforms, and concurrently, there has been an increase in the number of entities queuing to become validators. At press time, Ethereum boasts an aggregate of 1,014,95 validators.

Liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) manage a significant portion of the ether currently staked, allowing participants to stake their assets without immobilizing them. These platforms not only reduce the minimum investment required by letting users stake lesser amounts but also circumvent the standard 32 ETH necessary to become a validator on Ethereum. Of the $98.26 billion in ether staked, approximately $40.331 billion is through LSD platforms, with Lido holding a 71.43% market share of this segment and accounting for 28.85% of the total staked amount.

Beyond Lido, the protocol Eigenlayer has also markedly boosted staking activity on the Ethereum network. Since the start of 2024, Eigenlayer’s total value locked (TVL) has expanded sevenfold, leading to longer wait times for those looking to become validators. While it’s uncertain how long this uptrend will last, the desire to become a validator has grown, making staking increasingly favored. Post the Ethereum Merge in 2023, the average annual percentage yield (APY) for staking ETH has settled between 4% to 5.5%, though this rate may vary with network activity and the total volume of staked ETH.

Source: Bitcoin

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