Samsung October 2021 security update is rolling out now to these Galaxy devices

As we prepare to see the release of Android 12 this month, Samsung is rolling on with its consistent monthly security patches. For October 2021, several Galaxy smartphones are already seeing Samsung push out updates. Here’s the full, continuously updated list.

Samsung October 2021 security update – what’s new

Samsung first started rolling out the October 2021 security update on September 28 to the Galaxy S21 series. The update, so far, seems to have no user-facing changes and weighs in at around 300MB.

On October 4, Samsung confirmed what’s new in its latest security patch. There are 68 privacy/security patches from Google and 32 vulnerabilities patched by Samsung, 24 of which were considered “high-severity.”

Devices with Samsung October 2021 security update

Which devices will be getting the October 2021 security update from Samsung? The company’s list is, as usual, quite long, with over 40 devices qualifying for monthly updates, over 60 for quarterly updates, and over 40 more for biannual updates. For those lesser-updated devices, it’s unclear exactly how many will actually be updated, especially as recent months have seen many of them updated.

This article is being continuously updated as new updates are released. The latest additions are marked in bold.

The Galaxy S21 series was the first to pick up the October 2021 update, with Samsung releasing it first in Germany, India, and the Philippines. The update should be available for all three Galaxy S21 variations. Meanwhile, a couple of days later, Samsung also launched the update in South Korea for the Galaxy S20 series. During the week of October 11, Samsung expanded the October 2021 security patch to the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S20 in the United States on several carriers.

Around October 4, Samsung had released the update on the Galaxy S20 FE 5G in portions of Europe and, around October 7, the patch expanded to Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

  • Galaxy S21 — G991BXXU3AUIE (Released first in Germany)
    • Available in US G991USQS4AUIN (Comcast, Xfinity Mobile), G991U1UES4AUIN (Verizon, C-Spire, Bluegrass)
  • Galaxy S21+ — G996BXXU3AUIE (Released first in Germany)
    • Available in US G996USQS4AUIN (Comcast, Xfinity Mobile), G996U1UES4AUIN (Verizon, C-Spire, Bluegrass)
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra — G998BXXU3AUIE (Released first in Germany)
    • Available in US G998USQS4AUIN (Comcast, Xfinity Mobile), G998U1UES4AUIN (Verizon, C-Spire, Bluegrass)
  • Galaxy S20 — G981NKSU1EUI3 (Released first in Korea)
    • Available in US G981U1UES2DUI5 (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bluegrass, C-Spire, Comcast, Tracfone)
  • Galaxy S20+ — G986NKSU1EUI3 (Released first in Korea)
    • Available in US G986U1UES2DUI5 (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bluegrass, C-Spire, Comcast, Tracfone)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra — G988NKSU1EUI3 (Released first in Korea)
    • Available in US G988U1UES2DUI5 (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bluegrass, C-Spire, Comcast, Tracfone)
  • Galaxy S20 FE — G781BXXS4CUI1 (Released first in Europe)
    • Exynos 990 variant — G780FXXS7CUI5 (Released first in Russia)
samsung galaxy s21

Samsung’s foldables were quick to start getting the October 2021 update, with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3, and Fold 2 all being updated before the month even started. The updates for all three devices were first released in Korea. A few days later, around October 6, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 picked up the update in the US. By October 10, the update had arrived on the original Galaxy Fold, albeit only in France for now. A few days later, the update started making its way to the original Galaxy Z Flip in portions of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 — F926NKSU1AUID (Released first in Korea)
    • Available in US — Unlocked: F926U1UES1AUI5
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 — F711NKSU2AUIE (Released first in Korea)
    • Available in US — Unlocked: F711U1UES2AUI5
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 — F916NKSU1DUI4 (Released first in Korea)
  • Galaxy Z Flip — F700FXXS8EUI2 (Released in Europe)
  • Galaxy Fold — F900FXXS6FUI5 (Released first in France)

Arriving in line with the Galaxy S20 series, the October 2021 security update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series was released first in Korea on September 30. The Note 20 started seeing a wider international release later in the month. Around October 6, Samsung extended the update to the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ in Columbia, Panama, and Trinidad and Tobago. Rolling out in France, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is also getting the updated security patch.

  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra — N986NKSU1DUI2 (Released first in Korea)
  • Galaxy Note 20 — N980NKSU1DUI2 (Released first in Korea)
  • Galaxy Note 10 — N970FXXS7FUI5 (Released first in Columbia, more)
  • Galaxy Note 10+ — N975FXXS7FUI5 (Released first in Columbia, more)
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite — N770FXXS8EUI4 (Released first in France)
Samsung Galaxy Note storage

The popular Galaxy A50 turned out to be the first Galaxy A-series device to get the October 2021 patch. The update started rolling out in Colombia, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic around October 2. On October 4, the update hit the Galaxy A8 (2018), with its sibling the Galaxy A9 (2018) being updated about 10 days later. Around October 7, Samsung rolled out the October patch to one of its latest A-Series devices, the Galaxy A52. The update was made available first in Ukraine. Around October 10, the latest patch expanded to the Galaxy A02s in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Panama.

  • Galaxy A52 — A525FXXU4AUI3 (Released first in Ukraine)
  • Galaxy A02s — A025MUBS2BUI1 (Released first in Colombia, more)
  • Galaxy A50 — A505GUBS9CUI3 (Released first in Colombia, more)
  • Galaxy A9 (2018) — A920NKSU5CUI1 (Released first in South Korea)
  • Galaxy A8 (2018) — A530FXXSLCUJ1 (Released first in UAE)

The first tablet from Samsung to pick up the October 2021 security update was the Galaxy Tab Active 3, which saw the update arrive around October 4 in some regions.

  • Galaxy Tab Active 3 — T575XXU3BUI8 (Released first in UK, Switzerland, more)

Released in India, the Galaxy F62 picked up its October 2021 security patch on October 5, with Samsung having delivered the update on the phone’s quarterly update schedule. On October 11, the latest security patch was spotted on the Galaxy M62 in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and the Galaxy M30s was spotted getting the update in India.

  • Galaxy F62 — E625FDDU2AUI2 (Released in India)
  • Galaxy M62 — M625FXXU2AUI2 (Released in UAE)
  • Galaxy M30s — M307FXXU4CUI1 (Released in India)

This article was originally published on October 1 and last updated on October 13.

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Author: Ben Schoon
Source: 9TO5Google

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